About Company - About us
The C.T.U. d.o.o. company was established in 1992 in Zagreb, and since then it has been present in the construction industry in the whole Croatia. The company is owned by a family of graduated architects.

The company functions as a specialized company dealing with glass block constructions (walls, ceilings/floors), in all technologies available and applicable in local conditions.

Specialized and experienced, our personnel are capable of realizing even the most demanding glass block constructions, always respecting the installation rules of the chosen technollogy as wel as the quality standards of the craft.

The company uses its own transportation means, as well as all the equipment needed to construct and install the glass block constructions. If needed, the glass blocks can be sand-blasted on our own sand-blasting machine.

Besides for the glass blocks, our sand-blasting service is also available for any other objects made of glass, rubber, stainless steel, wood or acryllic.

The materials used to construct and install the constructions is also available - to other constructors as well as to the clients who wish to do the job themselves. As a part of other services, our technical advices are available for free.

The company's experts, members of the Croatian Chamber of Architects, can also participate in the designing process of glass block constructions if needed.

The company operates in its own showroom and sales office in Zagreb, Dugoselska 12. This is where we welcome our clients - customers, investors, designers...

In April 2006, the C.T.U. d.o.o. company has been certified to apply a Quality Management System, compliant with the standard HRN EN ISO 9001:2002, in the field of Building of glass blocks constructions and sale of glass blocks and components.


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