Installation systems
BINARIO SYSTEM - installation in a complete system of PVC profiles acting as lost moulding for frames and joints; therefore, no final jointwork is needed. This system is also ideal for curved constructions, whose leading curve can be checked and defined right on the construction site before the installing takes place. Outer measure of each frame is definable in advance, allowing the exact construction opening size to be predictable early enough in the design phase. Applicable in interior and exterior.
MULTIPLO SYSTEM - installation using one-sided moulds, combined in two directions; after positioning of glass blocks and reinforcement rods, they are cast in micro-concrete and easily jointworked. This system is especially suitable for vertical constructions (e.g. façade panels) which are pre-fabricated outside the construcion site, as well as for horizontal constructions built on the construction site, using pre-positioned supported moulding. applicable in interior and exterior.
SILICONE SYSTEM - concrete-free installation system, with a compulsory use of frames, reinforcement profiles and other necessary elements. The frame is mounted into a pre-prepared construction opening or in the position of the division wall. After all the glass blocks have been assembled, joints are filled with silicone sealant. This system allows use of different frame profiles, depending on the climate conditions: with or without interrupted heat-conducting bridge. Applicable in interior and exterior.
CLASSIC MASONRY SYSTEM - this system presumes the use of cement mortar, or a similar material especially produced on cement basis, combined with steel reinforcements. After the glass blocks have been placed, the joints are filled with special cement-based jointing material. The wall is usually mounted into a pre-mounted frame made of reinforced concrete, steel, alluminum or other metal.
DRY-MOUNTED 'WALLKIT' SYSTEM - glass blocks installed in a wooden grill construction: wooden frame with horizontal and vertical bars, invisibly connected by metal clamps. This system is applicable for interior. It is delivered by measure only, and can be supplied in one of two colurs: dark or light, lacquered, or light raw dressed. Only straight walls can be constructed using this system.
DRY-MOUNTED "METAL HIGH TECH" SYSTEM - glass blocks are positioned into a grill construction made of alluminum profiles (frame and bars), invisibly tied with clamps on the inner sides of the grill elements. The system is applicable for exterior and interior, and is ordered by measure, for the pre-chosen size of and number the glass blocks.
The alluminum parts of this system are delivered with a galvanized surface in natural alluminum tone. This system so far enables only constructing straight walls.
BLOCK LOCK - installation system for use in interior and exterior. It consists of Block Lock profiles, special glue and glass blocks 19x19x8 cm. Maximum dimensions for walls assembled in this system is 500 cm in height and 350 cm in length. The 5 mm joints are filled with jointing material such as silicone or special grout.
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